Amtrak Cascades 501 from Tacoma to Portland derailed this morning in DuPont Washington at the rail bridge near Mounts Rd on I-5. the train cars are on the freeway blocking it. the interstate is closed, over 70 patients are being transported to local hospitals and reports of multiple fatalities, number unknown.

If you live in this area please avoid. If you have friends or relatives who were on the train you can call toll free at (800) 523-9101

Something not yet reported in the media, this is the first day Amtrak used that bridge. this train for years left Tacoma and went along the shore of Point Defiance and through the old railroad tunnel, but the state had to pay freight operators for schedule priority because this was the freight route, so the state and the railroad operator just spend a lot of money refubishing a rail line through Lakewood bypassing the old tunnel, this track was part of that bypass route. there is no curves in the track before the derailment site.