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Thread: How is masshooting Donald Trump's fault?

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    How is masshooting Donald Trump's fault?

    Any democrat can explain that?

    When asians muslims blacks and hispanics do masshooting then it's the democrats fault?

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    Re: How is masshooting Donald Trump's fault?

    Trump is guilty for pushing a racial and xenophobic narative, including a violent one (will pay for your legal bills if you beat that person up) and of course defending and employing Neo Nazi White Supremacist scum.

    Now for anyone who believes in all the bull**** Trump pushes, they could easily see his words as justification for doing what they have done. Are they mentally ill? Yes, just as a the 11/9 hijackers were mentally ill when they did what they did, or when a suicide bomber blows up a bus in Jerusalem. Does not change the fact, that their mental illness was abused or triggered into doing the deed by someone influencing them either directly or indirectly like Trump. Words matter.

    So when you say is it the Dems fault if an Asian, Muslim, Black, Hispanic does a mass shooting.. no, because the Dems generally dont advocate a racist xenophobic narrative no matter what Fox News and Hannity are saying.

    Case in point, the wacko who shot up the Congressmen baseball game that injured GOP members. No doubt he was a "lefty" and mentally ill, but where are the calls from the lefts main politicians to do violence against the right? The only ones advocating violence are the right wing.. with "lock her up", "go back home" and the lack of outrage when one of their own advocates shooting illegals at the border.

    Like it or not the "left" are generally open to race, colour, religion and sexual orientation, whereas the right are the polar opposite in modern day America.

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