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$12,000 of the stolen money was spent on Tim Tebow gear at an auction. Way too much, apparently.

Donald Trump overspent (other people's charity money?) on Tim Tebow gear | NBC Sports Philadelphia

$10,000 of the money was spent on a portrait of himself.

Trump Only Spent $10,000 in Charity Money on a Portrait of Himself Because No One Else Wanted It, His Lawyers Say | artnet News
As absurd as these tidbits are, it's hard to say they matter in comparison to the Trump Hotel and Mar-a-Lago scheme he has going that Congress - for some reason I cannot understand - hasn't put a stop to. The courts have ruled Congress has the ultimate say over whether or not he can make millions of dollars by using his Presidency for financial gain every single day and yet every single day nothing is done. Maybe if they gave the IRS jurisdiction over the matter something would happen.