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Thread: Breaking Down the Report of an Imminent McCabe Indictment

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    Breaking Down the Report of an Imminent McCabe Indictment

    Breaking Down the Report of an Imminent McCabe Indictment

    Andrew McCabe: Breaking Down Report of Imminent Indictment | National Review
    September 12, 2019 ~ BY ANDREW C. MCCARTHY
    McCabe has indicated that, if charged, he would claim the Justice Department was under pressure from the White House. Federal prosecutors in Washington have recommended that criminal charges be filed against Andrew McCabe, the FBI’s former deputy director, and the Justice Department has rejected a last-ditch appeal by McCabe’s lawyers, according to a report on Thursday by Fox News. This clears the way for what appears to be McCabe’s imminent indictment.... Horowitz found that McCabe had misled investigators, including making false statements under oath. As we observed here when the IG’s report was released, the case laid out by Horowitz appears compelling.
    McCabe’s exhaustion of the opportunity to appeal to the Justice Department would suggest that his indictment is imminent. Meanwhile, the IG continues to examine alleged investigative abuses in connection with the Trump-Russia probe, and a Justice Department prosecutor, Connecticut U.S. attorney John Durham, is also investigating the origins and conduct of that probe. Consequently, McCabe will remain under the microscope.

    Meanwhile, CNN's little Jeffrey Toobin was making all sorts of excuses for McCabe. This is all well and good, but I want to see the real ringleaders in prison garb—Comey, Rosenstein, Yates, Strzok, Brennen, Clapper, Page, Ohr and his wife, and a host of others. As with a lot of others, I will not hold my breath....
    An indictment is encouraging, but what I want to see convictions, time served doesn’t matter because he will be in special custody to prevent him from being every con’s bitch (which will be a shame, if the case gets that far).
    On the other hand, what’s interesting is that the charges being discussed here are for perjury and misleading investigators. Serious stuff to be sure, but nothing compared to the charges McCabe could face from Durham’s investigation which relates to FISA abuse and the larger conspiracy to remove a sitting President. That investigation could lead to charges of sedition for all those involved. That’s a capital crime and the penalty could be death. It seems likely that these lesser charges against McCabe are being brought in an effort to get him to testify against his co-conspirators in the more serious FISA abuse scandal. Plead guilty to perjury and get 5 - 10 years and testify against Comey et. al. regarding FISA abuse, and we won’t charge you for sedition. 5-10 years in jail versus the death penalty? Sounds like a pretty good deal to me. I would imagine he’d take it.

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    Re: Breaking Down the Report of an Imminent McCabe Indictment

    That's a lot of wishful thinking. ^^^

    It doesn't appear that the Grand Jury is going to recommended an indictment and I don't think the prosecutors can get one without the Grand jury. A "lack of candor" just doesn't seem like an indictable offense that would withstand a jury trial.
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