We Must Say No to the 1619 Project in Schools

August 22, 2019 ~ By Lloyd Marcus
In 1967, I was a black 18-year-old from the Baltimore ghetto who was a freshman at the prestigious Maryland Institute College of Art. Progressives are tripling-down on infecting youths with their insidiously evil lie that all American white men are racist. And yet, I was a poor black kid attending college thanks to scholarships from two white senators and white Baltimore mayor William Donald Schaefer.... A required course was, “The History of Ideas.” The first day of class, the professor passionately trashed Christianity, America, and President Abraham Lincoln. I felt like my head would explode as the professor crushed every tenet of my Christian upbringing and reasons why I loved my country. My dad was assistant pastor of a storefront church and a Baltimore City firefighter. My mom worked as a domestic, cleaning and ironing for white people. I thought, “Surely, my professor is much more knowledgeable than my unsophisticated parents.” Yes, I was a naive idiot. By the way, both my parents were excellent at their jobs. By their example, all five of us kids strive for excellence. “Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men.”.... Fast forward to today. Far too many youths are anti-American zombies infected via public education; sleeper-cells ready to attack their parents when commanded by progressives. Remember when Michelle Obama instructed students to monitor family discussions for what progressives deemed racist and discriminatory comments? Transforming our kids into stealth operatives, progressives instructed students to steal their parents' guns and turn them over to their teacher.
As a proud and grateful American who happens to be black, I find the New York Times' 1619 Project absurd, extremely divisive, cruel, and evil. Slavery in America ended 152 years ago. The Times, Cory Booker, and his fellow Democrat presidential candidates claiming that blacks are still suffering the effects of slavery is demonically exploitative and manipulative. Their evil lie weakens black Americans rather than empowering them.

Thank you again Lloyd. There is much to overcome but we can not ignore the threats or give up the fight. Another thing that has come about since I was a child is this.
A classroom without prayer or the mention of God and the Ten Commandments or the flag and the pledge of allegiance or Christmas carols and Easter vacations is a classroom empty of the knowledge and truth which made America and our nation a light unto the world for all those who cherished freedom and justice and the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Sixty years or more of that emptiness has given us the chaos have to face today.
During Obama's first run for the presidency, he wasted no time setting race relations back 60 years. I can't wait for the day Truth be told, the entire world recognizes the real racists are on the Left.
The Progressive Marxist Socialist/DSA Democrat Left cannot function without someone to hate. It is crucial to its aggressive take-over to be able to identify a target for the daily hate. Naturally the Party finds it easiest to start building hatreds and warping minds while they’re still young.
It's obvious that PMS/DSA Leftist Communists do not care much for Black or Hispanic people, they use them to consolidate power, after which they become dispensable. Presently they prefer poor Hispanics from Central and South America to Hispanic Americans.
To be frank they actually want to thin out the black population via Planned Parenthood being mostly located in poor Black neighborhoods to perform abortions. For the left too many Blacks are becoming aware, so it is best to thin them and replace them with others who can be brainwashed for a few decades.
We have to look at the broad context in which these abominations are taking place. Those who want total freedom from moral self-discipline (ie the Radical PMS/DSA Left) have joined forces with those from barbarian and fossilized societies (who have invaded the West) to destroy the moral ethics of Judeo-Christianity. They want power. They want revenge. They want to institute a New World Order, under which WE will be enslaved!
Can anyone doubt that the PMS/DSA radical Left, Islam and other Third World cultures, which have zero respect for the human dignity of all, would not be jubilant to make slaves of Jews and Christians? They would feed us to the lions!