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Thread: Libertarians are "also rans", BUT !! ...

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    Re: Libertarians are "also rans", BUT !! ...

    "Medical professionals do not recommend milk drinking by adults." fw #10
    "Medical professionals do not recommend milk drinking by adults" comma, not period.

    "Medical professionals do not recommend milk drinking by adults" in many cases, BUT !!

    For a woman in her 80's, a broken hip is reportedly most often a death sentence. Women that age with a broken hip generally do not recover.


    While our bones and teeth may be composed substantially of Calcium, the human body uses Calcium for more than only that.

    AND !!

    If the amount of Calcium and vitamin D is not fully present in the diet, the body will scavenge it from elsewhere, and that means bones, and bone loss.

    SO !!

    Post-menopausal women might do well to insure that their dietary intake includes sufficient Calcium and vitamin D * to minimize bone mass reduction related to late life profile.

    * The human body is reported to not efficiently metabolize Calcium without vitamin D, thought to be the reason the early humans that migrated North from the warmer, sunnier zones lost their melanin, so they could metabolize Calcium in sufficient amounts.
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    Re: Libertarians are "also rans", BUT !! ...

    Quote Originally Posted by Geoist View Post
    If I may go on a bit of a rant against milk for a second... I have become so sickened by the practices of the cattle/dairy industry that I have stopped drinking milk altogether. The propaganda about animal milk being essential to human survival is so pervasive... yet we are the only animals that continue to drink milk into adulthood. Cow milk is meant as calf growth formula. It is meant to make the calf grow tremendously in a short amount of time. Somehow I do not see that as being beneficial for humans, especially while facing an obesity epidemic.
    While I agree I would simply say this:


    Quality life is impossible without cheese.

    On a more serious note milk represents a low cost source of high quality protein so while it isn't essential to human adults it is a useful food.
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