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We seem destined to have old and feeble candidates competing for the highest office in the land. Perhaps it is Godís way of telling us we are an old and dying nation.
Well, we see Warren pretty spry and taking the lead, my hope is that Tulsi has time to take her.

I don't know why I'd want to do that to Tulsi, but I remember running when I was thirty-six from Hawaii and Hare Krishna, so it gives me an affinity.

We're not really very corrupt even Trump, except for his tax cut, it's just his business swagger.

Money runs things and that's OK.

The system works pretty good considering so many people it represents.

Really, the only thing holding it up is the work of the unseen Brotherhood.

They work for those who will someday join them.

In order to subjugate India and break her religious back her Holy cattle were slaughtered and Krishna said, "That was the end of this planet," and if not for intercession of the Brotherhood we would all be second dead.