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I would argue that it's in the House's best interests to keep the hearings going as long as possible. As you say, unless some really damning information comes out, it's unlikely that the Senate will convict - and a failed impeachment is a political loss that Pelosi will avoid as much as possible. The longer the hearings go, the more likely something damning will come out, the longer they can keep this in the headlines, the more it damages Trump next year.

On the other hand, if the House sends Articles of Impeachment to the Senate early next year and the Senate rejects them, Trump has months to re-energize his base and the means to do it.
No, not as long as possible they have the public's attention span to deal with...so not over in a flash but publicly dramatic and over in about two months max. The Senate trial will take 4-6 weeks with both sides having an eye on next year's election.
On a side note no senator can do any campaigning while the trial is on, they have to be in attendance in the Senate which could persuade Democrats to elongate the trial.

Not everything that comes to light will be exposed by the hearings but by the Senate trial...as pressure builds, witnesses can no longer refuse to appear and the first Republican the falter may see a flood follow him.

Is Trump like the little boy with his hand in the dyke hole?

The expectation is that GOP senators will meekly acquit Trump anyway, so Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi will be prepared for that.