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Thread: Corporate v. individual Speech

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    Re: Corporate v. individual Speech

    Quote Originally Posted by Thoreau72 View Post
    I'm all for corporations buying whatever politician they want, but contributions from corporations to politicians should be taxed at a punitive rate and all records are public.

    That said, despite the claims of certain politicians, corporations ARE NOT persons. They are legal fictions, nothing more, and the law should reflect that simple fact.
    I don't like the fact that a supposed representative of the people takes a corporation's money and being bought and paid for.

    The same rules should apply to members of congress that apply to cabinet members
    No corporate donations.
    No gifts that don't have the giver's name on it.

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    Re: Corporate v. individual Speech

    Quote Originally Posted by Evilroddy View Post
    Corporations are legal persons because they are legal fictions. Corporations are man-made fictions and thus being artificial cannot enjoy natural rights. Corporations do not possess brains and a nervous system with which to formulate independent ideas behind speech. They are told what to say by their managers and sometimes their owners. Corporations lack the mechanisms to articulate the ideas which they are incapable of formulating independently. They must rely on spokespersons to speak for them and thus have no voice of their own. Corporations lack any moral character or ethical compass except for the single imperative of the pursuit of profits and therefore lack the capacity to act ethically in society with a wide spectrum of interests and responsibilities unless directed to do so by their management or shareholders. Thus corporations and other legal fictions like unions, associations, etc. should not be allowed to participate in political processes. That should be reserved for human beings.

    Corporations use money as a political-speech force-multiplier to amplify their owners' political agenda unfairly. The law does not allow an individual/real person to disrupt a public and private spaces continuously with megaphones or very loud PA systems to promote their political agenda, so why should corporations be allowed to saturate public spaces with their amplified political speech? The answer is money and influence. Using money the corporatists have fixed the political system to be preferential to their interests and money is the cement which is used to buttress that preferential status quo. Take away the cement and the buttresses will fail bringing the whole corrupted preferential status quo down too. Truly representative democracy will once again supplant oligarchy and the state will better serve the interests of its citizens rather than stateless corporations with transnational interests.

    Your post is truly fascinating. The first paragraph is dedicated to how a corporation isnít a person, though gives many examples how it cannot act but through persons...

    Then your second paragraph is dedicated to explain how people use corporations to multiply their beliefs.

    So that begs the question...

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