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Did you know that, at the time the Bill of Rights was being debated, a Bill of Wrongs was also being debated? The first one passed. The second one didn't. However, the first 10 amendments are amendments, which can also be subjected to change. IMHO, the 14th Amendment is just as important as the first 10.
He meant to post ...a Bill of Wongs.....it was this Chinese dude that wanted equal rights for his people too....LOL

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This is the purpose of the Bill Of Rights. The Bill Of Rights does not grant rights rather it re-enforces rights that are granted by God or some higher power according to the beliefs of the founders of the USA. Since its a belief I cannot prove that there is a God that grants such rights but that's what the founders believed. Anyway, that being said the purpose of the Bill Of Rights was to prohibit the government from restricting the rights it mentions and if it were to do so than the government would have too much authority. Simply put, the government does not have the authority to infringe on the rights listed in the Bill Of Rights and its not supposed to. That is why, unlike the rest of the Constitution, the Bill Of Rights or any part of it can't be repealed and is scribed in stone. To repeal or change it would give the government too much authority and would thus result in a corrupt government. That is why the Bill Of Rights has to be respected and kept the way it is. For the government to infringe on any of the rights in the Bill Of Rights in doing so the government would be crossing a line it has no right to cross.
Ha ha ha !....and how is that working out for ya?....Like Spooner said, paraphrasing,....... either the constitution gave us the government we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it, in either case, it is unfit to exist......

Let me see if I can end this 51 page debacle you all seem to think is a debate... There are no such things as rights. Can anyone here, prove that they have a right?

A right is defined as a legal claim. Do you have a legal claim to do anything? No.

The CONstitution is nothing more than four pieces of parchment with the scribblings of the insane on it, that thought they had the "right" to tell other people how they should live their lives. It is the same today with your so called legislators thinking they have the same right. All of it is nothing but opinions, and in case most of you do not know it, opinions are not admissible as evidence in court. (expert opinions aside, such as ballistics experts, DNA, etc.)

So a SCOTUS "opinion" is evidence of nothing. It is inadmissible as evidence! So when someone tells you they have a right to freedom of speech, or to bear arms, ask them to prove it. The Socratic method of asking questions will always pull the truth out. Keep six honest men in your pocket at all times, and use them.
Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How.