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Thread: NBA shameful statement on Hong Kong Protests

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    Re: NBA shameful statement on Hong Kong Protests

    Quote Originally Posted by Bucky View Post
    China is the definition of a paper tiger. If they cannot control their people in Hong Kong, how do you expect them to control the President of the United States?

    The fact is our corrupt media tends to believe the Chinese communists over our government. The Chinese communists have made mistakes. Xi has made a lot of mistakes. How did the government not see the protests coming?

    They are far from kicking our ass.

    The Chinese are on the ropes desperate for a deal. They need to buy our disease-free soybeans, pork, chicken, beef, corn, etc.. Our livestock is the best quality in the world instead of other countries where their cows have mad cow disease and other diseases.

    They also need to publically execute the fentanyl dealers. It is a law in China to kill drug dealers. Those selling fentanyl are despicable human beings and deserve to be burned at the stake.
    Lots of emotion above, not facts tho.

    China is definitely kicking our ass.

    10 massive projects the Chinese are funding in Africa - including railways and a brand-new city

    Increasingly, Chinese Engineers in Silicon Valley Are Going Home. That’s Bad News for America.

    The NBA isn't stupid. They know where their money will be coming from in a few years.
    If you want something bad enough, just take it.

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    Re: NBA shameful statement on Hong Kong Protests

    Black Friday, Red China…and a Robust America
    Steve Cortes, RealClearPolitics
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