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less and less fans are going to the games. MLB is having trouble attracting millennials. Last game I went the place was dead. Half empty and the majority of people not paying attention.

IMO baseball needs to go to a subscription model. You pay say like $40-50 a month and get to watch all your favorite teams games on tv + get like 2-4 tickets every month to a special promotion game like a bat or bobblehead giveaway.

Just my thoughts.
Last BB game I went to was in 2002, and I spent 90% of it up in the beer area chatting with chicks, and then left after like the 6th inning.

A couple dimes before that, or maybe longer, I didn't even make it inside the stadium, choosing instead to just party inside a bar in Wrigleyville after pawning off my ticket for a couple bucks above face value.

I've been to a few minor league games though with the various wives. Not bad fun there.