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Thread: Fines for masturbation in Texas ??

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    Re: Fines for masturbation in Texas ??

    Party of small government at work again. But it's texas so no surprise

    Just as i can't stand when rich white men are encircling trump as he signs an anti abortion EO, i can't stand when a woman proposes a law like this. And that's before delving into the civil liberty objections

    edit: i actually thought this was real without reading it because, coming from texas, it would be no surprise. I'm actually more surprised any of their reps had the gall or intelligence to do this as an insightful joke
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    Slavery also doesn't necessarily have to be terrible.

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    Re: Fines for masturbation in Texas ??

    Quote Originally Posted by American View Post
    I think the legislature is blind to public opinion.

    Or they eat corn flakes:

    Sure glad I don't live in Texas - I'd go broke!
    Grab the deplorables by the covfefe and their hearts and minds will follow!

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