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Thread: Putin Pulls Russia Out of Convention on War-Crime Probes

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    Putin Pulls Russia Out of Convention on War-Crime Probes

    Putin Pulls Russia Out of Convention on War-Crime Probes

    Russian leader quits 1949 Geneva Conventions’ Protocol 1


    President Vladimir Putin is pulling Russia out of a key element of the Geneva Conventions that authorizes investigations into alleged war crimes against civilians. Putin issued a decree dated Wednesday to withdraw from Protocol 1 of the 1949 convention “relating to the protection of victims of international armed conflicts,” citing “exceptional circumstances affecting the interests of the Russian Federation and requiring urgent action.” The protocol authorizes the International Humanitarian Fact-Finding Commission to investigate alleged war crimes and other “grave breaches” against civilians caught up in armed conflicts. The commission, established in 1991, comprises 15 independent experts elected by the 77 states including Russia that have recognized the body, according to its website.

    Putin’s order came two days after the Defense Ministry in Moscow denied a New York Times report that the Russian Air Force bombed four hospitals in Syria in the space of 12 hours during an operation in May to crush resistance to President Bashar al-Assad‘s regime. “Russia does not recognize any external international bodies where it doesn’t have a veto, which could render verdicts and establish the guilt of the Russian Federation or its clients and allies,” said Vladimir Frolov, a former Russian diplomat and foreign policy analyst in Moscow.
    Russia's military campaign in Syria is a continuous series of war crimes. Hospitals and clinics are favorite Kremlin bombing targets under the doctrine that more anti-Assad fighters will die if no medical facilities exist. The Russian military has also used Syria as a testing ground for new weapons, particularly incendiary bombs and cluster bombs (both banned), and high-yield fuel-air explosives that initially kill via under/over pressure waves. Because Russia is a pariah state under Putin, it demands a permanent veto over all treaty enforcement much like its permanent SC veto in the United Nations.

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    Re: Putin Pulls Russia Out of Convention on War-Crime Probes

    All international 'conventions' are biased and partisan. It is a good decision of Putin to leave it.
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