What Does Zelenskyy’s Servant of the People Party Promise to Ukraine?

According to the Head of the Servant of the People party Dmytro Razumkov, Ukraine needs changes and Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s victory in the country’s presidential election was “the first wave [of those changes].”

The recent polls bear this out. Approximately 87% of Ukrainians polled want “radical change,” according to a May survey conducted by the sociological group Rating. And Servant of the People (SOTP), a party that just a few months ago nobody heard about, scores a whopping 48.5% of support among those who are going to vote in the July 21 parliamentary election and have decided for whom. That’s nearly half of the 424-seat Verkhovna Rada (technically, it’s 450 seats but 26 seats remain empty because the areas those MPs are meant to represent are currently occupied and no elections can be held there). A pretty impressive result for a party whose Facebook page didn’t even exist this time last month. Razumkov refers to the upcoming parliamentary elections as “the second wave.” The third wave would then be “the formation of a professional government of national trust, a restart of the executive authorities and law enforcement bodies.” Hromadske takes a look at the party’s program and what it promises to the nation and their voters.
Hromadske, one of the largest daily newspapers in Ukraine, takes a look at the changes president Zelenskyy's Servant of the People Party propose as they position for a snap parliamentary election on 21 July 2019.