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A couple of points (broken down to make it easier to respond).

1) The goal depends on the religion. The person. The denomination. But books have been added to Christianity. Books of order. Hymns. Creeds. It all depends on your denomination. This all matters in how the church will exist in the modern world. And how it will discuss said goals.

2) Separation does not equal opposition. I mean you see that clearly. But I wouldn't say it opposes it mostly either.

I would say that religion is far more complex in definition. But it could be boiled down to philosophy, culture, morals, ethics, and not just what "is," but what should be. About you. Science is academic. Religion is not.

3) Science is about rationality. Religion is not. That does not make them opponents. And I think some people on both sides refuse to accept that.

I think that the purpose of religion is best left to the individual in why it has purpose in their life. Me? I don't need an explanation of the afterlife. I just want to know that I can be forgiven for the wrong I've done. That I am supposed to love others and that that is right. That my loved ones have meaning. And that they aren't just gone. Purpose. Order. That there is something else.

A cog in a clock need not understand time. Only that he matters in telling it.

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2) Science and religion are opposed where they conflict. At their most fundamental science is evidenced based while religion is not. Reason verses a lack of reason. Logic versus a lack of logic etc. The two systems of thought are vastly different and produce opposing answers to the same questions in many cases.

"it could be boiled down to philosophy, culture, morals, ethics, and not just what "is," but what should be. About you."

A deity based religion is only about those things if the underlying foundation exists. Why base those things on such tenuous ground as the existence of god?

3) Which is to say that religion is irrational. Why should anyone embrace irrationality unless they themselves are to be irrational? That's not a positive attribute in my book.