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Thread: Dump Joe and back Cuomo?

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    Re: Dump Joe and back Cuomo?

    Quote Originally Posted by Old 'N Chill View Post
    That POS can't do anything to harm me, and I'm not selfish like he and his worshipers are. The only policies and programs that demented illiterate has is taking away the rights of people of color, of women, of gays and non-Christians. The only thing he does is try to take healthcare, food stamps and any assistance that the poor citizens of this country desperately need, he wants pre-existing conditions to deny people health insurance.

    He's attacked Native Americans and our environment too, he doesn't give a damn about anyone but his fat cat cronies who will kiss his ass if he does them favors, mostly will vote for the pig. I care about my country and its people, my skin is white and I'm set in my retirement, so that fool can't screw with me at all, but I care about all those who he has hurt and will continue to hurt in the future. For all the time I've been here, you've been making excuses for him and sucking his butt, so you are obviously just like him and admire all the damage he's done.

    I don't give a damn about Hillary, and when that traitor got elected I was one of the people who said to give him a chance, that he might act like an adult, take advice from the folks in Washington and pay attention to briefings and what people were saying. The fool is too stupid to even read or understand a briefing, they have to make a simple color chart, make 3 simple points, and then stand on their heads to get the idiot to even understand that. The fake news King you love takes all his presidential advice from the lying entertainers at Fox news.

    He got rid of all the adults with knowledge and experience and surrounded himself with butt sucking lackeys. He got rid of the experts who would have quickly dealt with COVID-19, instead of acting the fool. One day it's a hoax, then it's just a flu, then everyone should ignore the experts and go back to work, just wash their hands......then oh, it's a serious virus, we have to work together to fight this enemy. I'm a big war president now, I'm really important now.

    The piece of garbage is IMPEACHED, he's impeached because he is corrupt. You're so worried about me, how long I've been here and what I'm saying, too bad! At least I have valid reasons for my opinions of this maniac, and as long as that traitor sits in the white house, I will continue to point out all of his faults, all of his lies and all of his corrupt manipulations. Can't handle it, put me on ignore. I'll understand, I know you people can't handle the truth.
    Quote Originally Posted by TurtleDude View Post
    How about an argument?
    I don't get my rocks off by arguing with people, like some of you do. Anyway, why would I even waste my time arguing with someone who has blind loyalty to a corrupt ignorant fool, someone who is already brainwashed by his gaslighting? I already stated my views and opinions which are all valid and based on reality. I don't give a damn if you agree with me, I'm not here to convince anyone of anything or change their opinions, if it happens, fine, if not, no big deal to me. You complain about my posts, but you beg me to interact with you, you obviously get your rocks off arguing with people, find somebody else dude, life is too short for negative nonsense. You can reread my post, maybe something will sink in. Good luck.
    Voting third party is a vote for Trump

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    Re: Dump Joe and back Cuomo?

    Quote Originally Posted by swing_voter View Post

    There's a national movement where they want to dump Biden and draft Cuomo.

    Draft Cuomo for president?

    If all you want to do is beat Trump, it's tempting.
    National Movement = a few politicos trying to start trouble and some internet trolls
    Quote Originally Posted by TurtleDude View Post
    uh that is so small as to be stupid. Do you want registration? given less than 3% of criminals get their guns from private sales, its pretty much a waste of resources
    **Thirty Minutes Later**
    Quote Originally Posted by TurtleDude View Post
    you are confused. I never denied that many criminals get guns in private sales.

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    Re: Dump Joe and back Cuomo?

    Quote Originally Posted by Casca XV View Post
    Trump is a competent leader with a successful leadership record. Cuomo is not, NY has turned to **** under his watch.
    Him and De Blasio teamed up to ruin all the progress Pataki and Giuliani made. Crimes making a big come back in NYC. There wouldn't be people throwing garbage at cops like they are now days.

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