View Poll Results: Should women be able to bare their breasts?

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  • Yes, In any place where a man can go shirtless

    41 73.21%
  • Yes, in some places where men can go shirtless

    2 3.57%
  • No

    6 10.71%
  • Only if they're hawt

    5 8.93%
  • Neither men nor women should be able to go bare top in public

    2 3.57%
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Thread: Should women be able to bare their breasts in public?

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    Re: Should women be able to bare their breasts in public?

    Quote Originally Posted by AtlantaAdonis View Post
    With all the hoopla over the models flashing their breasts in the seats at the baseball game I thought about this. Why is it pro baseball players can take off their shirts to celebrate but two women get kicked out of the baseball game?

    I take a different view than most. I think anyone not wearing a shirt public should have indecent exposure. These two women are just instagram attention whores out to promote their business. They don't care about ending objectification and commodification of women's bodies. They aren't really making any kind of feminist statement.

    And for all you right-wingers that might be inclined to be libertine on this issue, you realize hot women won't be flashing you and only women you will only be able to be see older and fatter women topless at the beach, right?
    Too bad for democrats Al Franken is not still around. He could have taken this opportunity to push new democrat legislation allowing women to go naked in public for the sexual pleasure of heavy-breathing democrat voters. Democrats have already opened up girls' shower rooms and changing rooms to heavy breathing middle aged males with a passion for exposing their male genitals in front of scores of naked little girls. Evergreen College took the lead in this department and heavy breathing democrats have been fanning the flames of this popular perverted democrat barbarian idea.

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    Re: Should women be able to bare their breasts in public?

    Quote Originally Posted by OldFatGuy View Post
    My 5, almost 6 year old twin grandsons have a habit of staring at décolletage. A habit that started showing when they turned 4. They have a special affinity for a neighboring 15 year old who regularly wears tight t-shirts and sweaters. She has been blessed, or burdened dependent upon viewpoint, with more than most women of all ages. Any excuse to chat her up, and stare, works for them. I have photos of Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren from their younger years on my den walls. The boys have been seen staring at those photos for long periods of time.
    Thanks for causing me to look up "décolletage". lol Good post though. My youngest son was the same way when he was that young. Of my seven grandchildren, the only boy is the youngest at 14months. I'll update you on his décolletage behavior as it develops.

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