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Probably true. But itís still better than giving up on ideals and giving up on trying. Not giving up was how we went from a tyrannical monarchy to the democracy we have today. Not giving up and trying to live up to the words and ideals already written in the constitution was how we gave voting rights to women and civil rights for African-Americans.

But I see it like the stock market. There are constant ups and downs, with occasional severe recessions and even great depressions. But over the long term, we have to keep working to keep the trend going in the right direction. You just donít give up.

Right now we are just in a severe recession of values. Hopefully soon we will come out of it, like we have out of every recession.

ďThe arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice".
-Martin Luther King Jr
And the sooner we get rid of DJT, the sooner we come out of our severe recession of values. The fish rots from the head.