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Since the beginning, Trump's slogan has been 'Make American Great Again.' That is basically saying that Trump-- at some point--didn't believe that America was great. That it had lost its greatness. That it was lost and failing. That it basically sucked ass. Because of this, I cannot help but believe that Trump hates America. That is the only logical conclusion in my view. What do you say?
Actually, there is good reason why Trump reused Reagan's 1980 campaign slogan. If you recall the US was still in a recession in 1980, after four years of Democrat ineptness and cowardice. Long term interest rates reached 18% by 1980 and inflation was out of control. Reagan, like Trump, promised to improve the US economy and bring America back from the brink of destruction where Democrats placed it. Trump made the exact same appeal, and it clearly worked.

FYI, Reagan won by the largest landslide in US history in 1984. So don't be surprised when Trump wins again in 2020.