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Why, I'd be glad to have a deficit conversation as well... First off, I want to be clear that "deficit" and "debt" are not the same thing, so I will be splitting the two in this response. I am well aware that Trump is overseeing increases in the US yearly deficit. -- This is because the US Government spends money on MANY programs/agencies which they don't have the power to form under the US Constitution. This has been a problem which has gone on for well over 100 years, and is pretty much irreversible at this point.

Are you aware that Obama actually oversaw (for the first four years of his tenure in office) much higher deficits than Trump is currently overseeing? Deficits over $1T?

As to the National Debt, it's been increasing pretty much every year since forever... Yet, Obama inherited a $10T debt and oversaw that sucker up shoot up to over $19T by the time Trump got in the Oval Office... Now, it's over $21T (and estimated to be about $24T by the end of Trump's first term in 2020).

In the end, both parties have royally screwed us over by disregarding Article 1 Section 8 of the US Constitution... And many citizens screwed us over as well by being completely ignorant of what the US Constitution says and/or allowing "experts" to tell us what it says and just believing them instead of thinking for themselves...

Care to speak about disrespect of women and racial discrimination as well?
What you fail to mention is that Obama inherited the highest deficit, adjusted for inflation, since WWII - $1.3 Trillion. Study your history, and look at the deficit chart below. GW Bush executed the worst presidential pass-on since the depression - a banking/housing crisis, 2 wars, a bankrupt US auto industry, CEO corruption gone amuck, a dwindling stock market, etc. Once Obama fixed those problems, the deficit started dropping like a rock, and ended up last than half of what he inherited.

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