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Watched Comey last night and listen to much of the talking heads debate his impact. This morning I have come to the conclusion that Comey was a part of the story, an important part of the story, but he has attempted to be THE STORY by taking on this role of a puritanical minister standing against the witches bedeviling the community and is the only one who can save the community. For me, it is a bridge too far.

There was absolutely nothing convincing or persuasive about his explanation for his October actions. He seems like a man trying to justify a mistake pure and simple. If his true concern was not rendering Hillary Clinton illegitimate after a win because he kept silent, all he achieved was the same for Trump by keeping silent about that investigation going on at the same time. All he did was exchange one illegitimate president for the other - and that is by his own standards.

I suspect that within ten days or so - maybe sooner, Comey will decline in importance and the only part of his story that remains relevant is his three meetings with Trump and the implications for being part of a larger plot to obstruct justice as well as his proclamation of Trump as morally unfit to hold office.

The rest will vanish with the wind.
After seeing the interview I saw an extremely flawed and petty man.

He was mesmerized by Trump's hair and hand size.

James Comey is 6'8'' and he was trying to hide/blend in with the blue curtain to avoid Trump calling to congratulate him.

He was scared what his wife and girls would think about him....guess we know who wears the paints in his family.