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I don't think they called them "segregation academies," but private schools sprang up like weeds to accommodate all of those white kids.

I don't mean to imply that racism is worse there overall or that it's no longer a problem here. I'm just saying there are pockets of it all across the country that can match anything I've seen here. I don't know about the Delta, but I've seen a lot more white-black couples than I used to, both here and in other ares of the state in which we've traveled. Incidentally, my wife is Filipino and I'm white. It's never been an issue for us at all. We feel perfectly comfortable here. And people might be surprised to learn that there is a very vibrant GLBTQ community here as well. Granted, the Gulf Coast is a bit more cosmopolitan than other areas of the state, but it still might come as a surprise for anyone who's never visited here.
Hm. My wife is also Filipina, and I have a very good friend - a brother in the Church - who is also married to a Filipina who just moved to Biloxi a few months ago. I wondered for a moment if that might have been you...but then, he's spent almost no time in Mississippi before moving there. So you're probably not him.

I don't know how much time you've spent in PI, but if you have, you'd notice a lot of things that are very similar between there and MS, and the Delta in particular. Chitlins, frog legs, boiled peanuts, mustard greens, Royal Crown cola (but no Moon Pies), Sarsi soda (which is the closest thing to carbonated sassafras tea I've ever tasted), and more - heck, I even found two Creole - yes, Creole - restaurants in Manila. Then there's the use of "po" whenever speaking to an elder, a direct analogue to how much "sir" and "ma'am" are used Down South. One time I even saw a local magazine called "Southern Living"...it was a bit of a surprise, but I soon found that it's a sister magazine of "Northern Living"...and refers to the southern and northern halves of Metro Manila. That might seem strange until one remembers that Metro Manila has all by itself has more people as ARK/LA/MS combined...all in an areal less than half the size of the Delta.

But what I was getting to was Bulacan province. If you go there, it's so much like the Delta - the fields of crops, the tree standing where a shack used to be, kids fishing in what we would have called a bayou...it really is in so many ways going back to the Delta of my youth. And frankly, there's parts of Bulacan that are more modern than the Delta.