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Thread: Christ's philosophy, and what makes him real...

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    Re: Christ's philosophy, and what makes him real...

    Quote Originally Posted by ThoughtEx. View Post
    How bout you take your anti immigrant racist propaganda down the pike, and keep it there. Everyone here would be thankful for it.
    Typical liberal nonsense.

    Upholding laws passed by Democrats and Republicans both to secure our borders against ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION is not racism. Get a new dog. Yours doesn't hunt.
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    Re: Christ's philosophy, and what makes him real...

    Quote Originally Posted by ThoughtEx. View Post
    I am going to give you all a rare glimpse into my private belief system. Why? Because I smoked a lot of weed about 10 minutes ago. And this seems like a good idea.

    I don't believe in the traditional concept of God, or Gods (plural). More like I subscribe to Carl Sagan's observation. We are the Universe contemplating itself. The Universe operates on a cycle of expansion and contraction. And life began on the quantum level, in it's chaos the first spark of life happened, and grew from there.

    Those are just ideas I subscribe to, I can't even call them beliefs. Because to believe something is to give it power over you. And none of these ideas hold power over me. A little evidence, or a more plausible scenario, and I'll change my mind.

    But I still think Jesus Christ is real. Not the son of God, but one of the greatest philosophers and teachers the world has ever known.

    Can I prove he was born? No. Can I prove historically, he was a person who existed and lead a life as described in the Bible. No.

    How can I say he is Real.

    The same way Super man is real. The same way the version of George Washington we teach in school is real. Human imagination makes them real. Whether Jesus was a real boy, or the work of Roman Priests, it doesn't matter. His story, and ideas changed the world. Not because people believed he was the son of god. But because of his teachings inspire the best in each of us.

    Anyone who has seriously studied history, will realize, none of it's concrete. The people of each time create their own history based on what they want passed down. Just as we create our perfect versions of ourselves on social media. Because that is what will be recorded of us in history.

    In 2,000 years who is to say, people will believe Captain America was a real person. And would that be such a bad thing?
    Whether Jesus the Christ was real or not he still had/has influence in today's world. I view this as Jesus was just a man and The Christ is what he was. When one strips away all the dogma of his teachings his teachings were very simple, basically stating for mankind to recognize the God that they already are. In the Gospel of Thomas, Jesus tells Thomas to drink of me, and you will become me and I'll become you and I will reveal to you all this hidden. Most have become to see Jesus as the lamp and have become blinded to the light. They view Jesus as the "savior" of man, while all along all Jesus was doing was pointing the direction to mankind's salvation, they have stopped looking in the direction and are fixated on the finger doing the pointing.
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