This forum is dedicated and limited to discussions of a wide range of philosophical topics. Examples would be general questions regarding our world/existence, the works of Socrates, classical political philosophy such as Locke and Machiavelli, matters of faith and religion from a skeptical foundation, etc.

Discussions focused first and foremost on a political topic will not be allowed. Threads dealing with modern political ideologies belong in the "Partisan Politics and Party Platforms" section and should be started there instead.

Attempts to derail threads by continually and/or singularly attacking the idea of skepticism within theological discussions may result in thread bans and/or infractions. Expressions of ones personal faith as it relates to a topic is allowed; however, continual attempts to derail a thread by demanding others accept such views, and refusing to engage in substantive back and forth debate on the actual topic, may also result in thread bans and/or infractions.