Don't know if this meets the criteria for a Pay It Forward act.

My wife and I were out and about today and decided to get lunch at a locally owned drive-in.
The line up to the drive-in window must of had about 10 cars so we decided to just park in the parking lot and walk in to order.

We both got out and put our masks on and walked up through the line of waiting cars.
Only to find the door locked and find out they were only operating the drive up window.

So we get in our car and I start to back up to get in line. The last car in line started backing up as I was backing. I looked back at him and he motioned for me to get in line ahead of him. I tried to tell him I would just get in back of him but he motioned again for me to move in ahead of him. I believe he felt that way because we were there in the parking lot before he pulled up.

We get in this slow moving line and were still amazed that this guy felt the need to let us in line as it is in the high 90's here today.

We got our order and once I got to the pickup window to pay I asked to pay the guy behind us. The girl working the window asked if I knew him and I said no and explained the whole story. She then smiles and says his bill was $6.50.

I laughed as I had no idea how much his would have been. He was alone but could very well be picking up for coworkers or family members. The drive in worker laughed too and I told her "He should have ordered more".
I paid for it and have no idea what his reaction was.