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Thread: Conversing in the Modern Age

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    Conversing in the Modern Age

    I'm hoping that this will be closer to "neutral ground" for this discussion. I have been an online aficionado for decades, and am even a Moderator on another site. I the past, even in the contretemps surrounding the 2000 election and its aftermath, I found that it was possible to carry on rational discussions even with people I vehemently disagreed with. I despised the actions of the Bush administration, and was chagrined that he was re-elected, but people didn't routinely "lose their ****" or consistently hare off into fantasy conspiracies in every post. We, generally agreed on basic facts, even though we had very different interpretations of their meaning.

    After the election of Barack Obama, however, I noted a new tone of incivility that became de rigeur on posting sites, and a penchant for over-the-top "label and dismiss" posts. Sly racism also became more prevalent. As a result, many of the more "ardent" posters earned suspensions and eventually bannings from multiple forums. I am a relative newcomer to DP, but I wonder if this occurred here as well. The election of Donald Trump, with his slash and burn persona, seemed to unleash a new level of incivility and prevarication.

    I wonder if, after the November election, it will be possible to reverse that development. Has the well already been too poisoned? I can't see either election result creating a calmer atmosphere. Are we (I am afraid) doomed to an era of incivility and degradation for the foreseeable future, or might there be rebound? Civil thoughts and responses welcome.

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    Re: Conversing in the Modern Age

    I think there are a lot more foreign agents nowadays trying to "poison" discussions and setting new "norms". Bot networks and spread of inflammatory propaganda and language through social media will continue.

    So, I think yes, this will continue. If Trump gets out of the way, I would hope it would become better - still I don't know if we get back to 19xx kind of civility.

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