The hosts from Forgotten Weapons and In Range TV got together again here to do an extreme sand test, where one guy lies prone and tries to fire all 8 rounds in the magazine without failure, while the other is blowing sand directly into the receiver area of each rifle to see if it fires or jams.

All rifles are semi-auto. The MAS-49/56 is the short version of the French MAS-49, which were in service from 1951-1979 with French armed forces. The M1A is the semi auto civilian version of the old full auto capable US military M14. The AR-15 is the civilian, semi-auto version of the full auto or burst capable M16 family of military rifle used by MANY militaries since the mid 60s.

The AR-15 worked well in their previous extreme mud test, and it worked flawlessly here as well, without ANY jams or failures. The M1A couldnt fire more than 1 shot before jamming in 5 separate attempts. The MAS-49/56 was a mediocre performer, jamming after 6 and 8 rounds in 2 attempts.