This is a client's front yard. The AWESOME 5 foot tall stargazer lilly patch was planted roughly 7-8 years ago, from a small pot of maybe 5 stalks. Theyve spread outward and reproduced new stalks every year. Now there are at least 40-60 of them!

I planted those zinnias as seeds from late May through mid June. About half were new seeds from the seed packet shown below(Burpee Giant Flowered Mix). The other half were seeds taken from choice flowers from last years zinnia patch. Most of them were also the same Burpee seed mix. But there were a few from a different Burpee seed mix of Cactus flowered zinnias. They cross pollinate, and produce some interesting hybrid colors.
Burpee says they reach 30" tall. Well, they actually reach between 66" to 72" tall every year!