I have a rather unique unemployment situation. I worked remotely for a company for much of 2019 in another state and then started another job for the remainder of 2019 and into 2020. That resulted in me needing to contact unemployment with the new Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation option for people who have exhausted their benefits.

I was able to get things semi-squared away in the other state. I was told by the unemployment agent in the other state I could not be helped until I closed my claim here with my exhausted benefits. In Colorado, where I reside, I was greeted by a virtual assistant that can speak with me 24/7 instead of the 9am-4pm usual window. I thought that was cool that they came up with a necessary solution to an influx in calls, but I also had some trepidation since robot answering systems are far from perfect. Anyway, here is how my conversation went:

"I would like to close my unemployment claim."
"You would like to reopen a new unemployment claim? Is this correct?
"I am sorry for the misunderstanding. You may make another request, or you can request that an agent call you."
"Please have an agent call me."
"The earliest available window will be September 23rd between 9am and 11am. Does that work for you?"
*Did it really just say September 23rd? Maybe that was an error...*
"The next available window will be September 23rd between 10am and 12pm. Does that work for you?"
*End Call*

Who should I contact to notify our state that unemployment needs are definitely not being met if the soonest available window is nearly two months from now? That is absolutely absurd, and I am embarrassed for our state that this is our situation. I think I can rectify my own situation without a call, but that still does not sit right with me that I was expected to wait so long for a callback.