From NPR

Most U.S. Dairy Cows Are Descended From Just 2 Bulls. That's Not Good

Chad Dechow, a geneticist at Pennsylvania State University who studies dairy cows, is explaining how all of America's cows ended up so similar to each other.

He brings up a website on his computer. "This is the company Select Sires," he says. It's one of just a few companies in the United States that sells semen from bulls for the purpose of artificially inseminating dairy cows.

Dechow chooses the lineup of Holstein bulls. This is the breed that dominates the dairy business. They're the black-and-white animals that give a lot of milk.

Dairy farmers can go to this online catalog and pick a bull, and the company will ship doses of semen to impregnate their cows. "There's one bull — we figure he has well over a quarter-million daughters," Dechow says.


More deliberate panic making crap from that so-called "scientists" who refuse to acknowledge the fact that 100% of all human beings are descended from a marriage between one man and one woman (even though they weren't married to each other [but we'll skip over that part]) the way that God intended.

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