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Funny you should say that.
I was newly sober (now in my twenty-fourth or 25th year*) but the idiot across the hall was a crackhead, and his girlfriend was a pros, and eventually his behavior was too much for her.
And I too was still so under the effects from years of smoking crack that I too had pretty much no inclination either.
Strange thing about coke, when you are new to it, at first it gives you "the dick of death", but over a long enough period of time it causes ED.

Anyway, I just provided Nadine with an escape from Frank and nothing more. She was sort of interesting and depressing at the same time.

(*Depending on if you count my two very brief falls off the wagon in the first year or not)
I would go into "light sex" mode when messing with the pipe. Sit around naked all day with a naked chick or two, do a few kinky things, but not have penetrating sex until much later, a few hours after the worst effects of the drug, like the anxiety, began wearing off.