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Thread: Anyone else hunting morels this season?

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    Re: Anyone else hunting morels this season?

    Quote Originally Posted by GDViking View Post
    Actually very few mushrooms are poisonous, however everyone reacts differently, I know people that get ill from morels. There are some mushrooms that are perfectly edible unless mixed with alcohol, and it only takes a little even as much as a week before or after the mushrooms are ingested.

    Morels are a very safe mushroom as even the false morel is easy to tell apart.

    Morels only appear in the spring and only for a short period of time.

    Until you have had fresh sauted morels on a good rare stake, you have not lived.

    That was our supper last night...
    That sounds intriguing.... What's the flavor and consistency of a sautéed morel?
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    Re: Anyone else hunting morels this season?

    I'd love to go hunting for morels, but don't know a thing about them and better take someone along who knows their stuff. But either way, it is the excitement and anticipation, not to mention to be out and about. It is like fishing, just sitting there, being outside, catching something is optional.
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