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Thread: Would you run your small business on Excel?

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    Re: Would you run your small business on Excel?

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    She is' the CEO's wife and cofounder. (not kidding here)
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    Re: Would you run your small business on Excel?

    Quote Originally Posted by Renae View Post
    I ask because I happen to know of one, that runs all their data, accounting, sales, inventory ENTIRELY ON EXCEL. I happen to know that the document manager is currently trying to implement a major overhaul to a real database commercial grade database solution. This person has run into a huge roadblock of the upper management "Not having time" to learn a new system and is about to convert everything back into excel because "Excel is better".

    So business people, what are your thoughts? IS the document manager right to move the company off excel or is upper management right? I have little personal experience in using excel on a small business scale so I couldn't say either way.
    I'd probably be using quickbooks or something.

    I do a lot of IT integration work and many many many companies grew far too quickly and continued to use excel when it no longer really serviced their needs. Managing files is the worst.
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