Yep got me a new toy, I had a friend who had a mosen and traded it without telling me to another friend of mine, I told him if he ever wanted to sell it to call me, well he needed the money quick so I got a mosen, I payed well above market value but convenience and helping him out seemed worth it.

It was made in 1937/1943 as it seems to be a repaired one, the bottom has 1937 while the bolt says 1943, both markings are from the same place in russia, meaning it most likely was a piece together from a prior rifle. It has been barely fired, the bolt fits kinda loose but have not found any solution on google yet.

The bolt too hangs trying to load a round, neither of the previous owners could figure it out, I already found it catching on the fixed magazine unless it is perfectly centered, which I will either replace or file down. The wood stock looks like pre ww2, but has been modified, so I wil probably find a replacement that someone has not jacked with or leave it as is with new stain.

Oh yeah 3 owners ago decided to restain it, and did not know acryllic satin and oil based do not mix, the stain is bubbled over half the rifle. But yeah new fun toy, any ideas on how to play with my new 91/30 mosen nagant?