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Yeah, you could probably make some good money. But it wouldn't make a dent in the problem. For that you'd need hundreds if not thousands of barn cats.

I was impressed with the video of the five or six little border terriers. They were amazing...I've never seen anything like it. But the rats screaming got to me and I had to stop watching...but yeah, border terriers, definitely the best way to kill lots and lots of rats.

And they're soooo cute....like little Benji's....

Cats aren't going to kill all the rats, they will keep an area clear of an infestation and eliminate rats that come into their territory. I have dogs too so my rodent problem is exactly nill. The way I control the aggressiveness of the pest control predators is by how much I feed them. Less and they will forage more. More and they forage less. If they start taking down birds frequently I add food. I keep enough kibble around they have the energy to hunt. I also make sure the kibble is not the best tasting and they only eat what they need when I have a rodent problem. I want them to have a taste for rodents. However on my place the rodent population is very low, hence the opportunity to eat, so I use a higher quality better tasting kibble and treats to keep the cats and dogs around and healthy and active. I have too many cats and dogs for the area they cover. 6 cats and 4 dogs currently covering 2 acres. The only rodents that come through are from outside the maintained areas.

Screaming rats are part of the deal if using natural methods of control. I try to minimize poisons in my operations, I dont like using them unless I absolutely have to. Better to have well fed happy pooches and cats, than worry about vermin screaming.