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i value the humanity of sick persons who need the assistance of a physician
the physician's time given over to a person who cannot benefit from future medical assistance (other than palliative care by one who specializes in that form of medicine) is time which is then rendered unavailable to the sick who could actually benefit from the doctor's time spent with them
it IS a stark issue. a dilemma our nation will have to address as limited medical resources are made available to those in need. presently, a very disproportionate amount of medical expenditures (time and money) is spent on those of advanced age and with modest medical hope
is that really the best way to spend our limited medical resources
this present topic presents that trade off, about how medical resources should be best allocated: to the imminently dying or the living who are sick
being a member of the baby boomer cohort, it is my own medical interest which might be diminished by instead focusing medical attention on those who would most benefit from it. usually younger people
the ethics are anything but simple and straight forward. but an aspect of medical care which much be addressed, especially as we progress toward a single payer system
In that case I vote we replace doctors with robots and leave the patients in the care of nurses. That's the best outcome all the way around.