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Thread: Fired aircraft carrier captain Brett Crozier takes Navy job in San Diego

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    Fired aircraft carrier captain Brett Crozier takes Navy job in San Diego

    Fired aircraft carrier captain Brett Crozier takes Navy job in San Diego

    Captain Brett Crozier.

    Crozier, who was fired on April 2 in the aftermath of a leaked letter to his superiors, actually tested positive for coronavirus himself, and was quarantining with his former crew in Guam until this week. On Monday, he arrived in San Diego, where he’ll begin work as special assistant to the Naval Air Forces chief of staff. It’s still an open question, however, whether or not Crozier might be able to return to his old post. The man who fired him, former acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly, also resigned in the firestorm of controversy surrounding the leak, leaving the decision up to his replacement, James E. McPherson. Last week, McPherson delayed his decision on Crozier’s reinstatement, saying he still had “unanswered questions” that required more scrutiny. A Naval Air Forces spokesman couldn’t tell the Navy Times if Crozier’s new job meant that any conclusions could be drawn about his reinstatement, saying that those decisions were out of their hands.
    SecDef Esper welshed on his original commitment to follow a Navy Board recommendation concerning Brett Crozier.

    The Navy Board recommended reinstating Crozier to his previous position as Captain of the USS Theodore Roosevelt.

    Ever the toady, Esper waits on Trump. He wouldn't say **** even if he had a mouthful.

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    Re: Fired aircraft carrier captain Brett Crozier takes Navy job in San Diego

    Capt. Crozier is in a "stash" status pending the outcome of the "deeper investigation" ordered up by SecDef Esper and being run by the Acting SecNavy McPherson.

    Three Navy 4-star admirals in Crozier's chain of command have already recommended Crozier's reinstatement so we see a clear uniformed naval and civilian divide occurring.

    It's routine in the Navy and military services to place a senior officer such as Crozier in a temporary 'stash' assignment on the second level staff of a flag officer. Hence Crozier is suddenly the temporary special assistant to the chief of staff of Naval Air Forces Command. It's a pretty good place to have to be even though virtually everyone is uncomfortable with it and pulling for Crozier's return to the Big Stick.

    U.S. Sailors assigned to the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt depart the ship to move to off-ship berthing April 10.(Petty Officer 1st Class Chris Liaghat/U.S. Navy)

    In Washington state, where the aircraft carrier Nimitz is preparing to deploy, the Navy is testing 100 percent of its crew before getting underway in an attempt to avoid a similar outbreak. Currently 45 ships are at sea in the Pacific Fleet area of operations. None of those ships have cases of the novel coronavirus on board.

    Sailors assigned to the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) return to the ship Wednesday after weeks of quarantine on Guam. The sailors’ return marks an important milestone in getting the ship back to sea, the Navy says.(Staff Sgt. Jordan E. Gilbert/ Marine Corps)

    The current temporary captain of the TR was its captain before Crozier took command, the now Rear Admiral Select Carlos Sardiello who said to the crew they know him and that the crew knows he's "got their back." The suddenly controversial vice chief of the USN Adm. Robert Burke has been reassigned to command USN forces Europe after having called the TR chief medical officer to cuss him out during a supposed impartial investigation Burke was running personally. While Burke's new assignment is nothing to sneeze at the change is a reversal to Burke's career, ie, from #2 admiral in the Navy to commander of a naval geographic theater.

    So the fan continues to send stuff flying over through and at Big Navy. We can figure things will settle down eventually yet who knows when or even if. What we do know for sure is that if Brett Crozier gets drummed out of the Navy it will be the civilians who would do it -- starting at the top.
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    Re: Fired aircraft carrier captain Brett Crozier takes Navy job in San Diego

    What Trump has done to our military is despicable.
    Are you better off than you were four years ago?
    (I'll give you a minute to take off your mask so you can answer.)
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