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Thread: Worst foreign wars the USA was in?

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    Re: Worst foreign wars the USA was in?

    Quote Originally Posted by joko104 View Post
    I leave off the Civil War to avoid that perpetual debate on cause and do not include the India wars

    Note: The worsen were by presidents who ran specifically as the candidate who would not get us into the war they then got us in.

    #2 Vietnam. LBJ promised he would never send "our boys" to fight in S.E. Asia - then sent over half a million.

    #1 WW1. Wilson was the anti-war candidate, then massively got us into that war that offered nothing to the USA but for a few industrialist. Other than millions of insane tactics battle deaths, the primary outcomes were:
    1. Communist Russia
    2. World War 2

    You choices and comments?
    Wilson wanted a larger role for the USA, getting into WWI achieved that

    He should've appointed a better general than Pershing though, who got men killed for his own vanity.

    I've seen it claimed that more American soldiers died on 11/11/18 than on 6/4/44

    The Russian Revolution already had started by 1918 and WWII was in part caused by the disastrous peace terms that France levied on Germany

    How was WWII a bad war ? It was absolutely vital to beat Hitler.

    I would say the USA has fought bad, unnecessary wars since 1960, with the exception of Gulf War I (1990-91) and perhaps the 1994 Air Campaign against Serbia.

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    Re: Worst foreign wars the USA was in?

    The war on the unborn child with over 61+ million to date and counting.

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