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Thread: Out of "13 rules of the military journalist by Dmitry Steshin"

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    Out of "13 rules of the military journalist by Dmitry Steshin"

    5. There is no objective journalism in the war zone. Well, it has the right to exist in the form of an illusion strictly in the head of a journalist. But usually all this “objectivity” disappears after the first projectile or bullet fired specifically at you or in your direction. Then understanding immediately comes - on whose side you are, who is the shooter and who is the target. Journalists trying to suffer from “objectivity”, running across the front line to “listen to both sides,” as a rule, end up in pits, lose equipment, burn up in shot down vehicles in "no mans land" or just disappear without a trace. To understand this, one trip to the side of Gaddafi’s troops from the territory of the rebels, capture and fairly quick release was enough. If the war is not yours - choose "your" side. Where you are more comfortable and understandable. If there is a war of your own, determine your side according to your conscience and belief.

    6. Do not try to make money in war. God does not like this and the greedy He immediately tidies up, punishes, or terribly teaches.

    7. All wars of the last decade have an information component, which in some cases can dominate the militarist component. The “Press” patch is a target, if you are not at the forefront of UN group. Your death can be beneficial to everyone, and then it is inevitable. To one's is to once again draw attention to their war and defame the enemy, who is killing journalists, the other is to reduce the flow of unfriendly information from the conflict zone.

    8. Among people with weapons, quantity of morons, clowns, liars and inadequacies, as many as in ordinary, peaceful society - and that is, very, very many
    A trip for an “interesting picture” may end up in a minefield, under a sniper, in an ambush, etc. Weigh, analyze, make inquiries and only then subscribe to the offer attractive in the information plan. But, most likely, this will not come to this. Another story about the "grave of the right-wingers with cut out kidneys" or "the Gaddafist chained to a machine gun", "a Negro mercenary from the Georgian army", will be heavy bull****.

    9. “The story of the militia” or “the story of a warrior” is a special literary fiction genre, if I had passed everything I heard without filtering to the editor, I would have been kept in a hospital with soft padded walls for a long time and fed chlorprotixen there. Reliable information in the information war is what you saw with your own eyes and were able to shoot.

    10. Since the journalist in the combat zone does not directly participate in the battles, the feeling of fear and self-preservation disappears very quickly - a month and a half, maximum, then rotation is needed. Because of this, my friend, photo correspondent Andrei Stenin, died.

    11. The last photo with weapons in my hands I took in 2002 in Chechnya. Such a photo can cost a life. Therefore - no selfies with other people's guns.

    12. Most of the problems military journalists have when they are asked not to take pictures. And in 90 cases out of 100 they asked politely. So, is it too hard to fulfill the request? Would it be the priceless frame, that goes into the annals of history is missing?

    13. I always remember this colleague’s wisdom: “In any war, sooner or later, a military journalist from a descriptor of victories and exploits turns into a dangerous and unnecessary witness” (military journalist and writer Arturo Perez-Reverte, “Territory of Comanches”).
    "They say that Bolshevism is liquidated and buried. Gentlemen grave diggers bury us too early. We are still alive, and the bourgeoisie will repeatedly shake up and tremble from the sounds of our voice "(c) Joseph Stalin, July 1917 -

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    Re: Out of "13 rules of the military journalist by Dmitry Steshin"

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