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The post 9/11 national defense policy of the United States recognizes a period of extended "small wars" of low intensity against non state combatants who dwell and operate in remote areas proximate to the equator and who are determined to severely harm the United States and ideally to destroy it.

In respect of the Authorization for the Use of Military Force enacted into law due to 9/11:

You can't succeed to terminate or significantly neutralize the AUMF for two excellent and nation saving reasons. One is that your terminology is wrong, ie, we are engaged in conflicts and not a war as my statement herein says. The second reason is that I and too many others won't let you succeed. That is, we can fight 'em over there or we can fight 'em right here, and too many of us in the USA insist sensibly that we fight 'em over there. Indeed fighting 'em over there is a no brainer.

USA has moreover the exact armed force design and construct -- battered as it is -- to conduct the post 9/11 era low intensity "small wars" conflicts against ragtag forces in foreign lands, and it is the All Volunteer Force. The AVF is the effective answer to the here today gone tomorrow non state combatants -- to include state combatants incognito -- that have made the fatal mistake to believe they can endure the long term and prevail in the end because of it. They cannot. Our long term post 9/11 is far longer than the foreign combatants had ever conceived was possible. Woe is them due to their lands and populations suffering the severe consequences of their mad folly.
Sounds like psychobabble to me, straight from the pentagon.