MARIETTA, Ga. — “I really have had a good, good life,” said Tess Gay on Sept. 14 as friends and relatives stopped by her Marietta home to celebrate her 100th birthday.
Gay held court from her comfy living room chair wrapped in a golden boa with a matching crown with the number 100 on top. Each time a new loved one entered, she smiled big and welcomed them with a hug. Guests milled about, munched on hors d’oeuvres and posed for selfies with the new centenarian.
Gay is the widow of George Gay, a Navy pilot and decorated hero of the Battle of Midway.

The widow of a World War II Navy hero turns 100

For those that ever saw the film "Midway", you might remember Ensign George Gay as the sole survivor of Torpedo squadron 8 from the USS Hornet; after the attack, he was forced to ditch his torpedo bomber into the ocean, where he spent the next 30 hours floating and observing the eventual sinking of three Japanese Carriers.

He was rescued by a PBY Catalina.

Happy birthday Mrs Gay, and I wish you many more.