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Thread: Where Are The Losers.

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    Where Are The Losers.

    What do I mean by losers? Well here it is. If you aren't willing to kill to survive, then you are a loser. Human history is full of countless examples of one group trying to take what another group has. You would have to be brain damaged to not know it is still going on. You would also have to be demented to not be willing to kill to keep it from happening. Like it or not, killing is the only thing that will work. And here is one reason why I know this. Because surprise surprise, it is the only course of action you sheeple aren't allowed to discuss.

    Apart from being losers, who will also step up and admit to being hypocrites. Because even if you are a vegetarian, you have to kill to survive. And like it or not, it doesn't matter how far up the food chain you go. You must either kill or be killed. Right now the biggest problem facing our planet is overpopulation. Everything you have ever heard that is bad that can come from it is happening right now. Food wars, mass starvation and mass migration. On top of that there is massive pollution going on. And animals are going extinct before they can even be discovered. Then there is human caused global warming to deal with.

    Also, every single day there is about 228,000 more people on the planet than there was the day before. That is like every day plopping the population of Richmond VA or Bosie ID into the surface of the planet. Every.... single.... ****ing.... DAY!!!!! But like it or not, the population levels of White people aren't rising. In some places, it may even be going down a little. Again, White people have to KILL to survive!

    I know that for most of the doomsday cultist morons out there, they would prefer to see a Soylent Green scenario play out. You deserve to be stood against a wall and have your body riddled with bullets! Once in a while, a hero will come forward and do what is the only option left open to the powerless. Which is to take a gun out in public and kill as many people as possible. Their chances of blowing the brains out of somebody who doesn't deserve to die is vanishingly small. And is therefore well worth doing.

    So where are the losers. Introduce yourselves to me.

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    Re: Where Are The Losers.

    Trump: "Our plan is to keep the American people safe."

    Pelosi: "That's not a plan. That's a goal."

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    Re: Where Are The Losers.

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