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Let's look at a modern Infantry Division in combat- does the general lead the assaults, lead the counterattack to seal a breach? The general has an OPERATIONS staff that does the planning, a good G3 counts more than the general.
At the direction of the Commander, in accordance with the goals and options that was given to them. And frequently the General has a great deal of input into the final Operations Order, and is the one that gives it their final approval.

I have actually worked in the S-3 section during a combat deployment. Any time the Commander wanted something done, she gave us a summary of what she wanted, and spent hours with us as we went over the various requirements with the other major S shops (primarily 2 and 4).

What, you think that the General just passes everything along and does nothing else? Hell, most Generals have worked in the 3 shop, it is pretty much required for achieving rank higher than Light Bird.

Heck, you already mentioned General Petraeus. When he was a newly promoted Captain, he was the Operations Officer for an Infantry Battalion, a position he held with distinction even though it was one intended for a Major, not a junior Captain.