Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force Junior Cadet Education and Training Battalion Farewell

This is the 8th National Kaicao Naval junior cadet graduation and farewell at the Yokosuka Naval Base Training Center on Yokosuka peninsula, Tokyo Bay. Naval junior cadets throughout Japan are assembled regularly for four weeks of naval education and training, then return to their home naval districts to become active in naval affairs. In this video the junior cadets march from the completed graduation ceremony into one formation to tip their caps to their trainers, salute and render their farewell. [11:48] 59,315 views

Japan MSDF Junior Cadet Training Platoon 361/31 Prepares to March to Graduation Ceremony

Naval junior cadets from throughout Japan undergo a four-week education and training program at Yokosuka Naval Base Training Center. Yokosuka peninsula is also where the National Defense Academy and its three brigades of cadets of Army, Navy, Air Force are joined on one sprawling campus, since 1954. The peninsula is also the location of the Ground Self Defense Force Preparatory Academy of full time Army high school cadets who graduate to the NDA. The naval junior cadets then return to their home naval districts to naval activities.

[B]"Going to Sea"[/B]

The spirit song of the MSDF is sung by the junior cadets during their graduation ceremony at the Training Center of Yokosuka Naval Base.