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Thread: Marine KC-130 J Crash in Mississippi, Cause Investigation

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    Re: Marine KC-130 J Crash in Mississippi, Cause Investigation

    Quote Originally Posted by Thoreau72 View Post
    It does not appear that way to me. Have you any facts or evidence to suggest that is what happened, or are you just pulling my leg?
    It seems like a pausible scenario... does it not?
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    I have pooped in public, even in public neighborhoods.
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    You can successfully wipe your ass with toilet paper, that doesn't mean that you should.
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    Trump could take a dump on an American flag on national TV and his base would cheer.
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    there were no hijackers...

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    Re: Marine KC-130 J Crash in Mississippi, Cause Investigation

    Quote Originally Posted by braindrain View Post
    Every single time we have loaded ammo explosives or any type of hazmat on to a plane it goes to the rear and is the last pallets loaded.
    Also military explosives are not easy to set off. You can shoot them or burn them in a fire and have zero problems.

    I think when it is discovered what actually brought that plane down and lessons learned are discussed it will be quite a bit different then simply where to put an ammo pallet

    "The KC-130T aircraft that crashed in western Mississippi this week, killing all 16 troops on board, left two “large impact areas,” Marines Brig. Gen. Bradley James said Wednesday.

    It’s not clear how far apart the sites are, but one lies about a half-mile north of US 82 and the other a half-mile south of the highway.

    “Indications are something went wrong at cruise altitude,” the general said.

    Andy Jones, a witness to Monday’s crash, said a trail of white smoke followed the plane as it spiraled toward a soybean field. It dropped below the tree line with a bang.

    “At first it looked like an acrobatic plane, like a stunt plane, blowing the smoke out the back,” Jones said. “Then all of a sudden you realized that the smoke was coming off one of the sides of the wing.”

    The military is in the recovery phase of the operation, James said. Next, it will work to preserve the impact sites before beginning an investigation, he said. The FBI, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and other state and local agencies are assisting in the operation, he said."

    Mississippi Marine plane crash left 2 impact sites, general says |

    It seems that part of the sequence might have been an internal explosion at about 22 feet back from the nose, where he cockpit section couples to the main air frame.

    Perhaps there were some secret palates, that did not get marked properly, for loading purposes,

    20 Jul 2017

    "The commander of a wing support squadron based in Cherry Point in North Carolina has been relieved of duty after a commanding general lost confidence in his ability to lead.

    Lt. Col. Taylor White, commander of Marine Wing Support Squadron 274, was relieved of his post Thursday by Maj. Gen. Matthew Glavy, commander of 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing, according to a release send out by 2nd MAW officials.

    The wing has recently been linked to two significant aviation mishaps.

    On July 10, a KC-130 that took off from Cherry Point crashed in Mississippi, killing all 16 Marines aboard. A day later, lightning struck a flightline in nearby New River, fatally injuring one MV-22 Osprey maintainer and sending another briefly to the hospital."

    Marine Corps Squadron Commander Fired Amid 'Loss of Trust, Confidence' |

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    Re: Marine KC-130 J Crash in Mississippi, Cause Investigation

    Quote Originally Posted by Bodhisattva View Post
    It seems like a pausible scenario... does it not?
    Nothing to suggest it, but anything is possible.

    I never served in the USMC, only the USA, so I don't know how they operate. It would be difficult to believe that they would be carrying such a mixed load of troops and tactical nukes on the same plane, but anything is possible. I cannot imagine they would deploy tactical nukes at the dog & pony show they were headed to in California.

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