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Thread: The Case for Enhancing US Military Might

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    Re: The Case for Enhancing US Military Might

    Quote Originally Posted by DA60 View Post
    The three most powerful military countries America would have to fight in a war anytime soon - China, Russia and North Korea - America already outspends them all combined (militarily) by almost 3:1. And that does not include all of her Allies military spending.
    And the biggest chunk of the DoD budget is payroll and related expenses.

    Like pay, where the average US soldier starts at over $1k per month in pay alone, and in China they make around $100. Where your average soldier has 2.4 dependents, and the average soldier in China is not even allowed to be married until their second enlistment. Where we chose to pay for college benefits, and China and Russia have none of that expense.

    Or the large number of civilian employees that work for the DoD, being paid significantly more than any comparable individual in the other countries.

    Or other things like barracks. In China, the military does not have to worry about things like parking lots for all the individuals who have cars. And their military is still routinely quartered in open squad bas, something that has not been the norm in the US for over 50 years.

    All of that combined pushes our budget far beyond that of Russia and China, even though they have larger militaries.

    Of course, I have to remind myself that some people only care about money.
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    Re: The Case for Enhancing US Military Might

    PLA as some would know is a Party-Army. That is, PLA is owned and operated by the Chinese Communist Party -- the Party Central Military Commission in fact. PLA refers inclusively to the Army, the PLA Air Force, the PLA Navy. There is a Marine Corps of some 10,000 which, while it is a separate branch would still like to know what a CCP-PLA Marine is and does; when, where, how but not why. The Chinese never ask why; Chinese only ask how. Never ask a Chinese why. They will simply bark out, "No why!" Strange but true.

    Almost all PLA conscripts are either Middle School grads only or high school grads only. It is also the CCP rule that two-thirds of conscripts come from the rural areas while only one-third of 'em are drawn from urban/metropolitan areas. Conscripts are assigned to MOS such as vehicle operator while simultaneously being kept away from missile radar and fire control systems.

    Which reminds me there is a fifth separate branch of the CCP owned and operated armed forces, i.e., the Second Artillery Force. As only a few people know, SAF is elite throughout its chain of command because SAF has possession of almost all ballistic missiles to include the nuclear armed ones. CMC placing its nuclear tipped ballistic missiles in the same place as all the other of its missiles makes hitting their missile capability to take it out more than a bit hairy.

    PLA is undergoing rapid and radical change so there's a lot of instability and uncertainty. There's a new command structure, newly integrated force structures, much new technology and weaponry, growth and expansion of ground vehicles, missile systems, ships, planes, cyber warfare to include space and satellite weaponry; new and bigger bases and new training programs for virtually all personnel. CMC recently reactivated a swarm of retired Navy NCO due to shortages of personnel who know the bow from aft and what an anchor does in relation to the Big Dipper. More importantly however is to try to manage the swarm of new Navy personnel needed to operate a bigger and more demanding PLAN.

    Speaking of which, NCO ranks and grades were only recently created by the CMC -- in 1999 -- because there were not any NCO in the Chinese military. Not ever. Not as we know NCO. The NCO in the U.S. armed forces in particular. CMC created NCO throughout its party-army because it recognized from decades of thorough study of U.S. NCO that China was guaranteed to lose any war against the U.S. if CCP did not have an equal and opposite NCO force of its own. So the good news for the CMC is that its armed forces now have NCOs. The bad news for the CMC is that the U.S. armed forces will always have their NCOs and that U.S. NCO exist in a dimension so far superior to the new PLA non commissioned officers as to be night and day. It is very bad news for the CMC.

    In USAF for instance NCO routinely sign off on air worthiness whereas in the PLA Air Force only an officer can make such a certification. In U.S. Army NCO are expected to assume command if all officers are lost in combat but in the PLArmy if you lose your officers you just bend over and kiss your arse good-bye. In USN command NCO can advise the ship's captain while in the PLA Navy NCO keep stock of tea supplies. In China armed forces NCO are assigned to one place or thing in one specific billet/function forever. CMC had been expecting big things from its creating an NCO cadre yet they know fully well all they have is a lot of lemons and no lemonade.

    Let's not forget the totally ignored CMC officer corps. After all the Party-Army's officer corps comprises one-third of all the CCP's armed forces personnel (nearly 3 million counting Reserves). The ratio of officers to enlisted looks like Notre Dame crushed Michigan. Chinese officers spend more time saluting each other and enlisted personnel than they do working. Kill off one PLA-something officer in a war and there are 30 enlisted to surrender and feed as POW. To include NCO of course.
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