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    That's the funny part...we've said way worse to each other...lolz... Must have been holding my nose wrong or something. Anyway, accept the damn friend request I sent you, ya grumpy loon, I'll rip on ya here, if not in the forum, so long as you promise to do the same. Have a good one, man.
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    haha... no worries.

    Just telling you I need to behave on your threads more, no more ribbing...got in trouble for giving you props on one of your threads, apparently they don't understand our special relationship... lolz...
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    Zimmer, empty your inbox, homie!!
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    ęگروه تهران وکیلĽ با بکارگیری بهترین وکیل متخصص در هر پرونده حقوقی، همواره، بهترین نتیجه را برای متقاضیان به ارمغان می آورد. در حوزه هایی همچون : وکیل کیفری، وکیل خانواده، وکیل انحصار وراثت، وکیل قرارداد، وکیل طلاق، وکیل ملکی، وکیل چک، وکیل سفته، وکیل حضانت، وکیل ثبت، وکیل نفقه، وکیل اجرت المثل بهترین وکلا در این موسسه حقوقی گرد هم جمع شده اند.
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    Not anymore!
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    Hi Zimmer, your PM box is full.
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    You need to empty your PM box, zimmer.
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    U hv fll inbx
  9. Hi,
    Busy, busy, busy... no economic slowdown here... been in eastern Europe, then southern Europe attending to big accounts. Have a ton of writing to do as well.

    Loved that Obama personalized the bid and Chicago got kicked out in round 1.

    Hope all is well.

  10. Hey, where'd you go?
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Roseanne vs. Keith Ellison, Obama, Wright & Farrakhan

by zimmer on 05-30-18 at 04:53 AM
Roseanne made an indefensible comment. She has paid the price. Not just by having her show cancelled, but marring her character permanently.

We have the Deputy Chair of the DNC, Keith Ellison who is associated with Louis Farrakhan, and lied about ending his relationship with the racist, bigot Farrakhan.

This is Democrat Party leadership we are talking about.

Where is the outrage here?

Where are the

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Updated 05-30-18 at 04:57 AM by zimmer

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Let Hillary Speak... Why Democrats want her to shut the **** up

by zimmer on 05-09-18 at 05:02 AM
Free speech is a wonderful thing.

You see, I encourage people to speak. I want peopleís views to be known. Without Hillary speaking freely, we would not know what is going on in her mind, and my...

...she really has revealed a lot about her, and Democrats. That is tremendously valuable.

We learned she is embittered.
We learned she is full of excuses for her failings.
We learned she believes women should have voted for her because

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Explaining why Democrat support for Trump has jumped.

by zimmer on 05-09-18 at 04:18 AM
Quote Originally Posted by zimmer View Post
Quote Originally Posted by Cardinal View Post
What's the source of that optimism? Does the CNN poll say?


After the dearth of jobs during Obamaís 8-years and the press reporting on the recovery every quarter that never arrived... Trump has simply changed the employment and business landscape to something that is a vibrant, free economy.

He is also fulfilling promises galore... like the one yesterday.

This will piss off people like you, but it is not meant

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Updated 05-09-18 at 04:23 AM by zimmer

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Why Americans Love Trump

by zimmer on 05-07-18 at 02:27 PM
From a thread post, responding to a Never Trumper... and one Iíd say has contracted a bad case of Trump Derangement Syndrome... itís worthy of a blog post because it explains in plain English why Trump got elected, and why heís Loved by millions.

Quote Originally Posted by zimmer View Post
People Love Trump because he is the one we have been waiting for.

A pro-American who puts his citizens first.

A pro-American who wants to stop this illegal immigration nonsense dead... as promised in

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Updated 05-07-18 at 02:33 PM by zimmer

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The Dís Failure to Convert their Rapist President Clinton Problem

by zimmer on 11-14-17 at 04:37 PM
The Democrats will try to twist their 30-year love affair and aggressive defense of Bill Clinton... but...

The Republicans are not having a Clinton moment.

The Republicans have jettisoned Moore publicly.

The Socialists of America Partei (SAPs) aggressively defended a rapist and perjurer, then elevated him and his equally vile wife to Party Royalty status, and did so for 30-years. (It will make a wonderful book).

I understand SAPs have been blindsided...

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