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    Gonna have to get dinner soon. We'll figure it out whenever Cass decides she wants to wake up. I'm leaving her be for the time being. I'm hoping we can get some vietnamese food or something, but if so we can't wait too late. I'm spending the night at my girlfriend's place. My sister's hanging with us, too, but she's out doing something right now with her friends. We're gonna hang out and get tipsy. It's good to have my baby sis back with me.
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    Oh. Cool. I'm just playing through missions. Unfortunately, I got ambushed by a bunch of O'Driscoll Boys, but I took care of 'em. I'm pretty good at gun fighting in this game now. I used to suck really bad.
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    Hey. I'm in bed. Still relaxing kicking my feet up! I just woke up not too long ago--so I've got serious bedhead at the moment. My girlfriend's still dead asleep, so it's just me in my room. I'm playing Red Dead 2. I'm actually progressing with the story for a change, instead of screwing around.
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    I'm tired as ****. Thankfully, there was no screaming kids on the flight, but still. I would have been so mad, with it being so early in the morning. I'm pretty much all out of steam, buddy. I've done so much walking, and swimming, and snorkelling, and riding roller coasters. I've 100% got my fill for the summer. It was such a good trip! It's fun traveling around the United States. ^-^
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    Okay, I'm outta here! Finally getting close to the front of the line. ****ing thank you. We're leaving here late (around closing), so we're just gonna hit up IHOP when we're finally out of this place. 24/7 Pancakes! I'll make sure to stuff my face full. That'll be our dinner. Everything starts to close around 10-10:30PM, and we don't want to rush to get to some restaurant in time before it closes. We probably won't even have time to catch an 11PM closing time, with the traffic when we leave. I'm pretty excited for Volcano Bay tomorrow! It's gonna be a good day to chill. Cass and I can relax and get off of our feet for a while. Then it's SeaWorld. I will conquer those huge roller coasters! Hopefully it doesn't rain on us! There's a high chance of rain in the afternoon tomorrow, so hopefully that doesn't happen. I hope your dreams are filled with unicorns and rainbows! Smell ya later!

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    Oh, I forgot to tell you how the butterbeer tasted. It was surprisingly tasty! Or, maybe not all that surprising, because if it wasn't decent, then it would've been gone already, probably. I was thinking in my head that it would taste like a mouthful of caramel, but that's not what it was! It was delicious! I had more than a few. My bladder can shove it. I can probably get some more cups before we leave for good.
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    I've got a mark on the very bottom of my phone screen, but it's not a scratch. It looks like a gray mark, but I didn't put a dent in it before (as far as I know), so I'm wondering how it got there. I am slightly irritated by it, because I can't help but look at it. Like, ugh, **** you, you stupid mark.
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    Yeah, I think when we get back to the hotel, I'm gonna crash hard. I'm feeling the fatigue. We kinda stayed up a little too late last night, anyways, with our shenanigans. Whatever. This was 100% worth it, and I'm happy that we woke up early to get here quick. This has been a wonderful day!
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    Standing in line is boooring. Too many people. Oh well. What can you expect from theme parks? We're staying until around closing time again. I've certainly had my fill of what I wanted to get out of today. Tommorow I can just chill in the lazy river. It's gonna be good to get off my feet. All of this walking and standing has me beat. Hopefully we'll both have good school semesters! I can't wait until I graduate and start my life up for good!
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