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    Okay, I'm gonna log off! We're gonna take another bubble bath (we're nearly out of bath bombs), and let ourselves soak for a while. I can't wait to drown myself underneath a pile of bubbles, and kick my feet up! It'll be sweet. We're going out for breakfast this morning. Neither of us feel like cooking at the moment, so that's our plan. My belly is feeling empty, but it's not growling for food yet. I'm sure it will eventually. I can ignore it for now, though. We have our sights set on IHOP! I will continue to devour pancakes! I'm gonna ask for extra butter this time, too. It's gonna be a good breakfast. ^-^ I hope you have a wonderful day, Winston! Don't forget to stay off your feet for a while and relax, whenever you get the chance. May your own luck be ever plentiful on this amazing day! I hope to talk to you soon. Smell ya later, gramps! I love you lots!

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    Oh my gosh, the gatekeeper! He's my favorite NPC in the game! What would I ever do without him? Dude, I'm so happy how he has universal love from everyone in the Fire Emblem community. I've never quite been so endeared to an NPC character such as him. He's great! I love his peppy attitude! Plus, how would the Garreg Mach Monestary be safe without the stalwart gatekeeper to keep it so? The only flaw in this game, is that you can't S Support the gatekeeper! It's a tragedy! Let us marry gatekeeper-kun! He's the best minor character in the gaming universe!

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    This is probably the most hyped up I've ever seen a Jimmy Kimmel crowd be. Usually, the audience is so dead, regardless of who's up there. That's probably because most of the people there, are just old white people who don't exactly get with this kind of music. It's just how it is. But Megan Thee Stallion really brought the umph! I love how energetic she is! She's definitely one of my favorite rappers that's blown up recently. I like her style, and I seriously hope to keep seeing more of her. She did that song with Nicki Minaj, too, and that was pretty cool! It wasn't that long ago where she wasn't all that popular. Now she's got so many eyes on her! She must feel quite accomplished.

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    I think EA has totally abandoned Anthem at this point. There's no recent updates, and it's just a dying game. It's sad how far BioWare has fallen, but so it the way of the world. Even when the developers do finally update it, it's probably not gonna be enough to bring people back. I wasn't ever into this game, but quite a bit of people were. It must suck to see $60.00 go down the drain. I certainly wouldn't be happy with it. Even with the reduced price now, I still wouldn't buy it. No ****ing way. Now, the lead director for the upcoming Dragon Age 4 has left the project, and that's putting that game in turmoil. I don't think BioWare is gonna survive for that much longer. Anthem was such a major screw-up, and I doubt they'll recover, unless DA4 is an absolutely amazing game. I doubt they'll even get the chance to make another Mass Effect game, seeing how bad Andromeda was. They dug their own grave; it's their fault.

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    Oh my Gosh, Doja Cat is so funny! I love her so much. i hope she releases an album soon! I know she's working on some music behind the scenes, so that's good. I like a good bit of her stuff. Like, that Tia Tamera song is still my jam! I'm always bumping my head to it.

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    So, I was planning on wearing my moccasins today. I've got my other ones on now (the ones with soft soles), but I wanna wear the new pair I have (with hard soles) that I can take outside. It'll be sweet; I can curl my toes into the soft fur! Plus, I can slip them off my feet easily in the movie theatre. For socks, I'm gonna wear one of my pairs of Nike Elite Socks (Dri-FIT). I only have my black ones, so those will have to do. With the combination of the two: my feet will be quite toasty! I'm gonna wear skinny jeans, and I'm gonna wear one of my Pousheen Cat shirts (it's got a cat with a hamburger and soda with it!), and that'll be good. I don't feel like wearing my glasses today, so I'm going with my contacts instead. I'm leaving my hair down, and if it gets in my way, I don't care. I guess I can bring my hairtie along, in case it starts to seriously irritate me. But I doubt I'll need it. I'm gonna put on a bit of makeup, but not much. I don't feel like having my face caked up.
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    But yeah, I really like how each path has It's own consequences. I will say that the most destructive path seems to be Edelgard. She is basically pushing her own ideals by conquering every square inch of Fódlan, so it makes sense that there would be lots of blood. Especially since Edelgard's campaign is against the Church of Seiros, and the Crest system. It sucks, but that's the cost of war. There's no Revelations route; where everyone gets to live happily ever after and sing kumbaya. Fire Emblem: Fates wasn't all that great (though I liked the characters a bunch), so it's good to see how they made lots of improvements with this installment. This game's not perfect, but it's definitely a step in the right direction. I hope they add a whole lot more dynamic cutscenes in future installments! It would be a whole lot cooler instead of just having their default animations stand around like Pokémon characters. But that's just me. I still love this game; my criticisms are minute at best.
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    So, Dimitri is dead. I have to say, I didn't feel good about it at all. He was so broken, and I didn't like Edelgard's being dismissive of his feelings. I really like how each route in this game is not all good: there's a whole lot of bad to each side. The good thing about being on Edelgard's side, is that my avatar is able to temper her worst impulses, and make sure she makes the right decisions (like a Hand of the Queen). But she's still a conqueror. She's a lot like Daenerys in that regard; she shares a similar goal to the dragon queen. But now it's onward to the Kingdom's capital, to take down Rhea! She's sort of lost in by this point, and I can understand why. She's being completely backed into a corner here, and now she can't even count on Dimitri and his forces any longer. So it's time to take down the Immaculate One! I am behind Edelgard's campaign all the way! Let's do this! One I'm finished with the last chapter, I'm going for Dimitri's route! It'll be fun reversing time!
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    I've got plenty of things on my to-do list today! First of all, we're going to the Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park (it's adjacent to the Williams Tower; one of the tallest buildings in Houston). The waterfall is pretty cool, and I haven't been in a long, long time. It's gonna be good to get out of the house and see it. We probably won't stay there for too long, however, since it's still quite hot outside. We're also going to go see another movie! It's called Ready or Not. It's a black comedy horror film, and from the trailer, it revolves around an extremely sadistic game of hide-and-seek. It's got glowing reviews, so that's giving me hope that this'll be a good one. We've got good lounge seats again, so we can kick our feet up and enjoy the movie! Oh, I cannot wait! I'll be happier than a hippo with some sour patch kids and a bucket of butter-soaked popcorn in my lap. ^-^ Later, we're going to the Tigers @ Astros at 7:10PM, so that's gonna be awesome! We'll share a pizza.
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